- Díbeartach (the_old_soul) wrote in cp_201,
- Díbeartach

Prayer question

"A Wiccan rosary might have 13 beads, for the lunar months in a year, or 28 for the days in a lunar month. A Celtic rosary might be arranged in three groups of nine, and so on."

- Ceisiwr Serith - A Book of Pagan Prayer.

Since this is a Celtic Paganism rather than a Celtic reconstructionsim group, hopefully diverting from the but-the-ancient-Celts-didn't-do-that rule of questioning is allowed. I'm curious as to why he would suggest a rosary with a Celtic leaning in mind might be arranged in three groups of nine.
Anyone familiar with anything in Celtic Paganism that holds three, nine or the pattern of the two in significance?
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