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cp_201's Journal

Celtic Paganism for the rest of us
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I created this community out of frustration in finding an intermediate level Pagan community. Hopefully, this will become a successful endeavor that many will enjoy. Right now it's still very much in it's baby stage, but I still have set guidelines that will be followed or I will start having to approve membership.

First things first...

THIS IS NOT, NOR WILL IT EVER BE A WICCAN BASED COMMUNITY. I cannot stress this enough. I created this community to focus on Celtic Paganism, not Wicca. I have no problems with Wiccans asking questions about incorporating Celtic myths or Celtic gods/goddesses into their worship, but this community will not discuss such subjects as spell correspondences, Wiccan tools, casting circles or anything of the like. This will be heavily moderated and off-topic posts will be deleted immediately.

I would also like to avoid whining. I know, I know. It's fun and we all enjoy it, but really, let's leave our crybaby attitudes at the door. So that means don't have your posts say stuff like "I'm the only Pagan in my school/town/state/country/whatever..." because not only is it not true, but it's annoying to read that. Save the drama for your friends who care. I certainly don't.

Any post in this community will have a Celtic topic to it. This is something that is clear-cut. If you have a more general Pagan question, there are millions of communities out there in LJ land willing to help you out. This is designed for intermediate to advanced Celtic Pagans, not for beginners.

This is an intelligent, somewhat scholarly, serious community for long-term practitioners of Celtic Paganism. A light-hearted attitude and a sense of humor are appreciated, but completely off-topic, idiotic posts will be immediately dealt with. This includes general Pagan topics as well. The purpose of this community is to focus on living the Celtic faith, not to discuss the oppression of Paganism by politics or other religions.

That is pretty clear, I think. If you are in doubt about a post you want to make you can either close your eyes, post, and hope for the best, or email me. Either way, you will have an answer.

Here is a book list of highly recommended reading for people new to Celtic Reconstructionism/Restorationsim, or any Celtic faiths:

Title / Authors / Publisher / Year / ISBN
A circle of stones/ Erynn Rowan Laurie/ Eschaton Productions Inc./ 1995/ 1573531065
A Feast of Scotland/ Janet Warren/ Little Brown & Co/ 1979/ 316923486
A Guide to Early Irish Law/ Fergus Kelly/ Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies/ 1988/ 901282952
A Guide to Ogham/ McManus
A Handbook of the Scottish Gaelic World/ Michael Newton/ Four Courts Press/ 2000/ 185182541X
Ancient Irish Tales/ Cross, Tom Peete and Clark Harris Slover/ Barnes & Noble Books/ 1996/ 1566198895
Animals in Celtic Life and Myth/ Miranda Green/ Routledge/ 1998/ 415185882
Auraicept na n-Eces/ George Calder/ International Specialized Book Services/ 1995/ 1851821813
Celtic Art: From its Beginnings to the Book of Kells/ Megaw, Ruth/ Thames & Hudson/ 2001/ 050028265X
Celtic Heritage/ Alwyn and Brinley Rees/ Thames & Hudson/ 1989/ 500270392
Celtic Heroic Age/ Koch, John T. and John Carey/ David Brown Book Company/ 2003/ 1891271091
Celtic Language, Celtic Culture: A Festschrift for Eric P. Hamp/ Matonis, A. T.E. and Daniel F. Melia/ Ford & Bailie Publishers/ 1990/ 926689010
Celtic Mythology/ Mac Cana/ Barnes & Noble Books/ 1996/ 760701903
Celtic Poets: Songs and Tales from Early Ireland and Wales/ Patrick K. Ford/ Ford & Bailie Publishers/ 1999/ 926689053
Celts in the Classical World/ David Rankin/ Routledge/ 1996/ 415150906
Comparative Mythology/ Puhvel, Jaan/ Johns Hopkins University Press/ 1989/ 801839386
Dictionary of Celtic Myth and Legend/ Green, Miranda J/ Thames & Hudson/ 1997/ 500279756
Dictionary of Celtic Mythology / MacKillop, James/ Oxford University Press/ 2004/ 198609671
Early Irish Myths and Sagas/ Gantz, Jeffrey/ Penguin Books/ 1982/ 140443975
Everyday life of the Pagan Celts/ Anne Ross/ Penguin Group (USA)/ 1970/ 399200681
Folklore of the Scottish Highlands/ Anne Ross/ Barnes & Noble Books/ 1993/ 1566192269
Folklore of Wales/ Anne Ross/ Trafalgar Square/ 2001/ 752419358
Food and Drink in Britain from the Stone Age to the 19th century/ C. Anne Wilson/ Academy Chicago Publishers/ 2000/ 897334876
Gods and Heroes of the Celts/ Marie-Louise Sjoestedt/ Turtle Island Foundation/ 1999/ 913666521
Irish Food & Folklore: A Guide to the Cooking, Myths and History of Ireland/ Clare Connery/ Bounty Books/ 2001/ 753704161
Lady With a Mead Cup/ Michael Enright/ Four Courts Press/ 1995/ 1851821880
Pagan Celtic Britain/ Anne Ross/ Hutchinson Radius/ 1997/ 897334353
Tain Bo Cuailnge(s)/ Thomas Kinsella/ Oxford University Press/ 2002/ 192803735
The Ancient Celts/ Cunliffe, Barry/ Penguin (Non-Classics)/ 2000/ 140254226
The Apple Branch/ Alexei Kondratiev/ Kensington Publishing Corporation/ 2003/ 806525029
The Carmina Gadelica/ Alexander Carmichael/ Floris Books/ 2004/ 863155200
The Celtic World/ Cunliffe, Barry/ Random House Value Publishing/ 1998/ 517615339
The Celts/ T. G. E. Powell/ Thames & Hudson/ 1983/ 500272751
The Celts/ Kruta,V., O. Frey, Barry Raftery and M. Szabo/ Rizzoli/ 1993/ 847814076
The Customs and Traditions of Wales/ Trefor M. Owen/ University Of Wales Press/ 1991/ 708311180
The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries/ Evans-Wentz/ Citadel Press/ 2003/ 806525797
The Mabinogi and Other Medieval Welsh Tales/ Patrick K. Ford/ University of California Press/ 1977/ 520034147
The Making of a Druid/ Guyonvarc'h/ Inner Traditions International/ 2002/ 892818743
The Silver Bough/ Marian McNeill/ Canongate Books/ 1995/ 862412315
The Year in Ireland/ Kevin Danaher/ Mercier Press/ 1972/ 085342280X
Wisdom of the Outlaw/ Joseph Falaky Nagy/ Univ of California Pr/ 1985/ 520052846
Cattle Lords and Clansmen: The Social Structure of Early Ireland/ Nerys Thomas Patterson/ University of Notre Dame Press/ 1994/ 0268008000
Conversing With Angels and Ancients: Literary Myths of Medieval Ireland/ Joseph Falaky Nagy/ Cornell University Press/ 1997/ 0801483689

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