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Hey this group still alive?
I have a question, perhaps subjective, for everyone identifying with Celtic Paganism in any way. What do you believe is the difference between the "Celtic" paths, especially those considered traditional? Folk tradition, Plain old Celtic Paganism, (which may be considered "Neo-Paganism" even though I hate the very term) CR/R, Druidry?
I've even heard a lot of people starting to identify as "British/Irish Traditionalist Pagans." I think the whole idea of Celtic Paganism is suffering the same treatment as modern Wicca - A million and one different traditions and paths all classified under the one umbrella. Wicca. Celtic Paganism.
Do you believe one particular Celtic Pagan path is any more valid than another, especially in a traditional sense of what was actually practiced in pre-Christian Celtic countries? If so, which, and why? And all of you who identify as "Celtic Pagan," which path do you follow? How does your paths and the sabbats you may (or may not) observe relate to Celtic Paganism?
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I've even heard a lot of people starting to identify as "British/Irish Traditionalist Pagans."

Your wording makes me think you have a problem with this. Do you?

The fact is the word "celtic" covers more than one people. Under that heading is Irish, Scottish, Pictish, Welsh, Cornish, Brehton, Gaulish and probably others I'm not remembering. So using "celtic" more than "Irish" or what have you frustrates me most. Seeing phrases like "the CELTIC word for" or "the CELTIC pantheon" when there is no such one thing. There were many. To me it's like saying "The Asian word for..." Well, you're going to have to be a little more specific than that.

And that's why I say "Irish"! LOL
Oh, no I don't have a problem with it at all. I'm just pointing out that it's another subgroup of Celtic-focused Pagans that I hadn't heard referred to before, and wondering who they were - "Neo" Pagans with an Irish/Scottish/Welsh or British focus, or another form of CR, or something entirely different.
I know what you mean about the "Celtic" term though. I specify that I'm interested in Irish and British Paganism usually, as I'm on an ancestral spin.
Oh! I see now! *blushes*

I'm in ADF and there is a mixed message there. There is an article on their website claiming they are Neo-Paganism for this or that reason. But there is another article claiming they are not Neo-Paganism for other reasons. So I'm confused about where I lie in that respect. Just going with the flow for now. =D